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18 October 2019

Elizabeth Warren tells voters economy not working for them – Most voters disagree

17 October 2019

Senate Republicans not at all worried about Impeachment
The senior Texas senator, Republican John Cornyn, told the Daily Caller that the process is "a complete kangaroo court".

Thought for the Day

The people teaching our kids are the biggest threat to Americans' freedom.

11 October 2019

'Dreams really do come true' - Star sworn in as an American citizen

NASA advances Trump-led manufacturing push with six innovative technologies

9 October 2019

Former SC Rep. Trey Gowdy joins Trump legal team

8 October 2019

Brexit deal is 'essentially impossible,' Brit PM says, if EU stands by trade demand

5 October 2019

FBI - Violent crime dropped in 2018

28 September 2019

Humor for the Day:         Herding cats

26 September 2019

Why the Hong Kong protesters keep marching
By their bravery, the people of Hong Kong are showing that man has two sides—economic and noneconomic—and that the noneconomic side is just as important as the economic.   Hong Kong residents understand how precious their freedom is and how easily it can be lost.   They are willing to risk everything to preserve it.   The Hong Kong demonstrators are the tip of a giant iceberg: the Chinese people, who are no longer satisfied with just a "full rice" but seek basic human rights and some form of democracy.

Will "Red Flag" Laws Stop Suicide?
Rubio and other leftist Republicans: You should go to the other side.   Join your totalitarian brothers and sisters in the Democratic Party who want simply to force everyone to hand over their guns.   These leftists are MORE interested in forcing the peaceful to hand over their guns than they are about controlling criminals.   They don’t care about crime.   Most politicians are criminals themselves.   They just want to be the winners in the criminal game.   That’s the government too many of us have created for ourselves … in what started out as a land of liberty and individual rights!   Shame on most of us for letting that happen.   But let’s not intensify the evil by pretending that suicides will go down if we only hand over our guns.

The scandal in Washington no one is talking about

New State Department Documents Reveal Last-Minute Efforts by Obama State Department to Undermine President Trump

25 September 2019

Thought for the Day:

24 September 2019

Controversy Flares Over F-35 Air Combat Report

23 September 2019

Pastors praise Trump for skipping UN panel on 'imaginary' climate crisis for 'real' problem of religious persecution

America 'isolated' at UN? General Assembly breaking with US on most votes, report finds

The UN is so corrupt, so warped by bias, that it needs a disinfectant. It's met its match in Trump.
The U.N.'s founding principles of peace, freedom, and equal rights are universally hailed.   But in practice, they have been subordinated to the U.N.'s own institutional power and interests.

Antifa members caught on camera harassing Portland police near climate rally

19 September 2019

Decades of failed 'eco-predictions' more about politics than climate
        "eco-pocalyptic predictions" have often been used to advance a political agenda

13 September 2019

Pension funds in Iran on brink of collapse amid US 'maximum pressure' campaign
"Crippling sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran since President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal last year have left pension funds throughout the country on the brink of collapse. [...] That includes the pension funds for all of Iran's armed forces."
"We think the Iranian [...] GDP will shrink by as much as 12 or 14 percent this year."

12 September 2019

Gowdy calls DOJ's rejection of McCabe appeal a 'celebration of our justice system'

Judge Jeanine on McCabe: 'The ultimate test of the American justice system'

EPA announces repeal of controversial water regulation from Obama era

SCOTUS allows Trump asylum restrictions to take effect, ending 9th Circuit injunctions

Trump administration announces major crackdown on asylum seekers

'Historic milestone': Senate confirms 150th Trump judicial nominee

"We are stopping them."

Britain's last chance to reembrace free-market democratic world it helped create

"Socialist" Elizabeth Warren is worth $12 million, makes $900,000 a year

Satellite image shows 'ISIS-infested' island bombed by US reduced to smoking craters

Thought for the Day:

11 September 2019

Dems admit Trump helped GOP candidates sweep North Carolina special elections

A positive opinion!!!

We’ve all heard of the Rorschach test - you know, the one where you look at an ink blot and say what you see.   The theory is that it’s a tunnel into someone’s subconscious thoughts or desires.   If you’re obsessed with hockey you might look at an ink splotch and see hockey sticks, or pucks, a Stanley Cup, or even Bobby Orr; if someone is obsessed with outer space, she could look at the same picture and see flying saucers or aliens.

These tests come to mind because lately, three dominant types of economic thought seem to analyze every data point and come to conclusions that always support their particular interpretation of the US economy.

One group is obsessed with President Trump’s tariffs, thinking they are slowing the economy.   They even search the internet and earnings calls to find mentions of “trade uncertainty” to prove their point.   But uncertainty is one thing, data are quite another.   Total US trade in goods and services (exports plus imports, combined) was $4.9 trillion in 2016.   In the past twelve months, it’s been $5.7 trillion, an increase of 14.5%.   In other words, trade has grown faster than the overall economy.

Yes, we know trade tensions with China are real and important for some companies.   And yes, we look forward to the US reaching an agreement with China.   But the Middle Kingdom is not the be-all end-all when it comes to world trade.   Supply chains are moving - trade is dynamic - which is why the costs to the US economy have been far less than static analysis predicted.

So far this year, US imports from China are down 12.3% from the same period in 2018, but imports from Vietnam are up 33.2%, and they are up 20.2% from Taiwan, 9.8% from South Korea, 9.7% from India, and 6.3% from Mexico.   Meanwhile, we’re confident that Congress will pass the new version of NAFTA by early 2020, facilitating stronger trade ties with Canada and Mexico.   Trade is moving forward, not dying.

The second major thought group consists of those who oppose the president’s policies in general and are looking for any way they can to discredit the tax cuts and deregulation.   They love to focus on supposedly weak business investment, which they say signals the ineffectiveness of the president’s policies.

The problem with this theory is that, since the tax cut was enacted at the end of 2017, “real” (inflation-adjusted) business investment in equipment has grown at a 3.4% annual rate, while real business fixed investment (equipment, structures, and intellectual property) has grown at a 4.5% annual rate.   These are respectable numbers.   It was inventories that held down GDP growth back in Q2, and this can’t last with a strong consumer.

Moreover, productivity growth (the growth in worker output per hour) has accelerated, growing at a 1.7% annualized rate since the start of 2018 (and up at a faster 2.9% annualized rate so far in 2019), versus a 0.9% annualized rate for the four years ending in 2016.

The last of the three thought groups have been obsessing about the next recession since the moment the last one ended.   Any day now they expect the “sugar high” to end.

They celebrated when the ISM Manufacturing index dropped to 49.1 last week, but then the ISM index for the much larger service sector surprised on the high side at 56.4.   For every data point that signals a slowdown, there are nine that don’t.

For example, a soft 130,000 gain in headline payroll growth for August dominated headlines, but civilian employment (which includes small business) surged 590,000, wage growth picked up, labor force participation moved higher, initial claims remained low, and auto and truck sales rose.   Not exactly negative news.

If someone has an axe to grind about the US economy, we’re sure they’ll see a recession in whatever blot or piece of data they look at.   They can always find something to worry about.   Nonetheless, we continue to believe that optimism should be the default position for investors when it comes to the US.

Brian S. Wesbury - Chief Economist
Robert Stein, CFA – Deputy Chief Economist

10 September 2019

Dramatic evidence about dinosaur-killer asteroid

George Soros praise for Trump on China foreign pollicy

9 September 2019

NY Times cheats, puts Michelle Obama's book ahead of better-selling Conservative book
"The New York Times bestseller list appears to have denied Judge Jeanine Pirro the number-one slot on its ranking system, despite the fact she sold over 17,000 more copies than Michelle Obama, and 6,000 more copies than the author who led the list."

Thought for the Day:

5 September 2019

AOC tries to post bail for ANTIFA attackers of Boston parade

4 September 2019

San Francisco officials brand NRA a 'domestic terrorist organization'
        Falsely accuse the NRA of inciting "gun owners to acts of violence."
Considering the Democrats' position on human rights - abusive, disrespectful, disregard for them - I think the Democratic Party should be a primary candidate for anti-rights terrorist organization.

To attack the nation's oldest and biggest human rights organization - the NRA, of which I am a proud life-time member - is perversity and twisted thinking incarnate.

Senate Republicans Rebuke Colleagues for Threatening SCOTUS

3 September 2019

A Feminist Capitalist Professor Under Fire     (PDF)
The students who demand her firing, Camille Paglia argues, take prosperity for granted, are socially undeveloped, and know little about Western history.   Who’s Moses?

Camille Paglia: On Trump, Democrats, Transgenderism, and Islamist Terror

Google target of new U.S. antitrust probe by more than 30 state attorneys general

Major defeat for British PM as lawmakers seize Brexit agenda

31 August 2019

"I am at the center of a lawsuit that is about everyone's freedom of speech"

Thought for the Day:

        Who has unconscious bias?

30 August 2019

IG report says ex-FBI Director James Comey violated FBI policies

IG report highlights apparent inconsistencies in Comey's testimony about Trump memos

James Comey used his power for political ends. There's nothing more corrupt than that.
Comey admitted that he hid the origins of the Steele dossier from his boss, the President.

Some 2020 Dems want a 'wealth tax' - what you should know
    It has not worked for other countries; what makes them think it would work in the US?

Thought for the Day

29 August 2019

Democratic Party embraces nonreligious voters,
        criticizes 'religious liberty' in new resolution

Judicial Watch Demands House Ethics Investigation of Rep. Ilhan Omar
"The evidence is overwhelming Rep. Omar may have violated the law and House rules.   The House of Representatives must urgently investigate and resolve the serious allegations of wrongdoing by Rep. Omar"

Trump can change history by declassifying three Obama-era documents Dems: Trump Is 'Carpet-Bombing' Us in Key Battlegrounds

Mark Levin confronts Yale psychiatrist who’s been making wild claims about Trump’s mental health
        She "has never made a diagnosis."

5 things to know about Republican candidate Catalina Lauf, who’s stormed national media

Thought for the Day:

The Left Is NOT About Liberalism.   It’s About De-Civilization.
It's easier to be a dictator over ignorant, illiterate hordes.

28 August 2019

China’s Potential New Trade Weapon: Corporate Social Credits     (PDF)

Prosecutors Near Decision on Whether to Seek an Andrew McCabe Indictment
        whether he failed to be forthcoming with investigators re FBI’s dealings with media

Court battle on YouTube Restrictions of PragerU’s Educational Videos

Asteroid probe returning to Earth with rock samples

27 August 2019

Obamas' $15M House of Hypocrisy If we get socialism, will everyone be given a multi-million-dollar house?

26 August 2019

Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system

25 August 2019

China vs. Democracy - Every American Should Hope Trump Prevails Against China
        China seems to be gambling on its ability to turn American democracy against itself.

Thought for the Day

23 August 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls To Seize the Means of Electricity Production
        So it can be run as poorly as in Venezuela?        

Barack and Michelle Obama are buying a $15M estate in Martha’s Vineyard

... and buys a $15M estate.

Actions speak louder than words.

Thoughts for the Day

So every morning in 1st period they do the pledge.   I am the only one in my first period class to stand and to put my hand over my heart.   It's sad and it makes me mad and irritates the crap out of me.   Such disrespect to our country and the people that have served and lost their life in battle for us to have freedom.   I will continue to stand because I love this country and I respect it, our flag, the pledge, and all the men and women who are veterans, active duty.   And the fallen ones.   I am forever thankful.   If I was allowed I'd be going into the Air Force which is a dream but it won't happen.   Anyway I'm done with my rant.   #OnenationunderGOD
-- a 12th-grader named Hope

22 August 2019

21 August 2019

Holders of a concealed-carry permit are 1/6th as likely as police to commit a misdemeanor or felony.

Trump takes aim at automakers that ignored his emissions proposal

On the lighter side . . .

18 August 2019

Americans will soon learn how ‘off the rails’ FBI was on Russia probe
        IG's report on Russia probe will be 'ugly and damning' for DOJ
        "Every time you turn around you find something new."

Hong Kong protesters gather for mass rally despite warnings from Beijing
        organisers are hoping to mobilise a million people

Khartoum crowds celebrate Sudan's transition to civilian rule

House Democrats will retaliate after Israel block of Tlaib and Omar
        Congressional Democrats are said to be considering legislative action
        "Anti-Semites have found their home!" - Mark Levin
The media are mum on the virulently anti-Semitic group behind Rashida Tlaib’s and Ilhan Omar's since-canceled Israel trip

17 August 2019


16 August 2019

Here’s How the Mass Shootings Have Affected Gun Sales In El Paso

Google EXPOSED As Whistleblower Leaks Hundreds of Pages To DOJ Showing Interference In 2020 Elections

Americans Apply for Jobs at Koch Foods After ICE Raid

Omar, Tlaib Planned To Meet With Terror-Promoting Groups, Including One That Promoted Neo-Nazi Screed, On 'Palestine' Trip

Dem. Rep. Tlaib's hate for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother
        Obviously, Tlaib is not above duplicity and betrayal.

13 August 2019

Senate hearing - Google, Facebook, Twitter can swing millions of votes

Senate hearing - Google censorship

Blue-collar wages - and savings - growing much quicker than thought
"Recall how liberals blamed 'secular stagnation' as the reason worker incomes weren't growing faster during the latter years of Barack Obama's Presidency.   Yet employee compensation has increased by $150 billion more in the first six months of 2019 than all of 2016.   Compensation increased 42% more during the first two years of the Trump Presidency than in 2015 and 2016.   This refutes the claim by liberals that the economy has merely continued on the same trajectory since 2017 as it was before."

Democrats use fear tactic on the U.S. Supreme Court, threatening its "re-structuring"
        *   An institution beyond their control — an impediment to their Socialist agenda?
        *   This is how tyranny begins.
        But Biden called court packing a ‘bonehead idea’ during 1983 hearing.

Trump campaign's small-dollar donations surge (61%), marking major shift for GOP Similar to Trump's campaign in 2016 — 65%.   In contrast, Mitt Romney raised only 26% of his direct contributions from small donations in 2012, and John McCain only raised 25% from small donations in 2008.

12 August 2019

Docs show Comey's FBI was running secret counterintelligence operation against Trump
James Comey’s FBI was running a secret and corrupt counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016 and repeatedly deceiving the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) thereafter in order to wiretap a Trump campaign associate.

Another typical weekend for Democrat-stronghold Chicago: 5 dead, nearly 50 injured

11 August 2019

In 2020, socialism could flip Minnesota — and the election — to Trump

Elizabeth Warren’s Ferguson Lie
Michael Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson in an act of self-defense.   This is why the grand jury declined to indict Wilson for murder or manslaughter, and it was also the conclusion of the Obama administration’s Department of Justice.   "Holding a would-be cop killer out as some sort of victim or worse yet, a hero, does no justice to the truth or to reconciliation."

Voter ID Opponents Lose Again.   This Time in North Dakota.

State Dept. updates ‘anti-Semitism’ definition following Omar’s anti-Israel resolution
Also, call by the Washington-based American Center for Law and Justice recently launched an online petition, calling for Congress to censure Omar as well as her Democratic colleague, Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, over rhetoric that the ACLJ describes as anti-Semitic.
Onetime Miss Iraq clashes with Rep. Omar after saying lawmaker doesn't represent her as Muslim

Thought for the Day

On the Lighter Side . . .   I think.

        CDC: People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide

More seriously:


Prison guards skipped the 30 minute required checks on Epstein’s cell.

Here It Is… Complete List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously or Committed Suicide Before Testimony, Including Jeffrey Epstein

10 August 2019

Anti-Trump Rep. Castro taught a lesson by Texas barbecue lovers who support President

"We found that our fundraising actually has gone up since the congressman tried to out those people and shame somebody for supporting President Trump," said Lara Trump, Castro’s hate-tweet was "sick and twisted.   People don’t like this.   This is not acceptable.   When has it ever been OK to harass people and try and silence them and make an effort to stop them from contributing to a political campaign just because you disagree with it?"

8 August 2019

Majority of Blacks and Hispanics Support Presidential Candidates Who Are Against Illegal Immigration

7 August 2019

Dayton shooter may be ANTIFA's first mass-killer
“Kill every fascist,” the shooter declared in 2018 on Twitter, echoing a rallying cry of ANTIFA ideologues.

Only 4 of 14 FBI Staff Who Misused Classified Info Were Fired

Federal Court orders hearing about whether to speed up release of Strzok-Page documents

George Soros — crony capitalist with secret access to the Obama Adminstration and to Hillary Clinton
        Just the kind of person the Democrats publicly deplore

5 August 2019

President Trump's China stance 'woke America up' to potential 'Cold War II'

4 August 2019

President Trump negotiates with EU to remove EU tariffs on US beef, other farm products.
        "We also opened markets in Tunisia, Morocco, and Australia."

AOC aide faces Fed investigation for illegal fund-raising

3 August 2019

Rewriting history . . .
California Removes Arrest Reports From Kamala Years — see also here.
        Routine website redesign obscures Democrat's record on criminal justice;
        at least 127,000 Black and Hispanic Californians were incarcerated.
Harris has cast herself as a progressive on issues of racial justice and equity.

See today's great news about NASA's mission to 'touch the Sun'.

Baltimore's undeniable truths — I grew up on welfare.
        Liberal policies have failed the people of Baltimore and inner cities everywhere.

Feds' crackdown on Baltimore drug trade nets 90 indicted, 51 guns, $1M cash

Baltimore's U.S. House Rep. Cummings calls Baltimore 'drug infested,'
        likening residents to 'zombies'
House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., previously referred to his community of Baltimore as a "drug-infested" area, using a term that President Trump included in a tweet widely panned as a racist attack on the city.

Google To Try To Prevent Trump From Being Reelected?
        Google is using internal algorithms to shape what Americans see online

2 August 2019

See today's European Union News from our favorite correspondent

31 July 2019

CNN’s debate coverage slammed after it omits story it spent two years trumpeting

This is CNN? Primetime shows filled with liberal opinion, not straight news as network claims

CNN mired in a credibility crisis as ratings continue to collapse

30 July 2019

Why the left wants Trump to shut up about urban suffering
        Baltimore's Democratic machine has failed the city. Wow, Trump utterly fails as a bigot.

It's the liberal machine inflicting the suffering.
        No wonder they want Trump to shut up about it.

Swing-state households would lose at least $70,000 within first year of Green New Deal, study finds

Senator Daines introduces resolution condemning socialism
        saying 'pivotal' moment has arrived
29 July 2019

MSNBC Host Donny Deutsch:
        "We Are at War, We’re Not Going to 'Play Fair'" to Put Trump in Jail
    See the video.

Democrats struggle to figure out next move against Trump after Mueller hearing falls flat Transcripts Obtained of Former FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki Testifying
        Russia Conspiracy Came from Obama’s White House

388,000 Slaves Were Sent to America from 1525 to 1866
        — But Today There are Still 9.2 Million Slaves in Africa Alone
        And 30 million world-wide

Apple contractors 'regularly hear confidential details' on Siri recordings Thought for the Day

27 July 2019

Supreme Court paves way for Trump administration to use military funds for border wall
"Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall.   The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed.   Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!"
Democrats dub Supreme Court's border wall ruling 'regrettable' and 'nonsensical'

New York City Makes Second Bid to Shake Off Supreme Court Scrutiny
        of Their Restrictive Gun Laws

Antifa victim Andy Ngo:   Far-left Antifa "working toward a political revolution."
"these acts of violence and vandalism ... not only target citizens but they're meant to polarize society." - standard Fascist and Socialist tactics: polarization and disruption, then work to pick up the pieces, while keeping any opposition and the populace disoriented.

26 July 2019

Fake news at work:

And now, the news:

25 July 2019

Boris Johnson's first day as Britain's Prime Minister
Tells MPs who’ve failed to deliver Brexit their 'first job is to restore trust in democracy'.

Distraught Dems turn on Mueller after stumbling in hearing
        — viciously turning on one of their own.   Forget teamwork.

Thought for the Day

24 July 2019

President's approval up, economy ratings best in decades

Watch House Republicans Tear Mueller Apart At Hearing
        Former Special Counsel couldn't remember details, deflected questions, appeared lost

Trump says Mueller did 'horrible' job at hearings, but had 'nothing to work with'

Anti-Trump Harvard Law prof Laurence Tribe calls Mueller hearing 'disaster' that helped the president

22 July 2019

What substance and facts reveal about Trump and his populist revolution

20 July 2019

Apollo 11: 50 years on, the world celebrates the Moon landing

18 July 2019

'Send her back' chant at Trump rally prompts outcry; Omar responds

16 July 2019

Trump has nominated over 125 judges, solidifying his judicial legacy
"There's no question that President Trump has been incredibly effective at putting people on the appellate courts — in fact, he’s gotten more than twice as many appeals court judges than most of the other presidents."   His picks have been praised for their bent on religious liberty.   Trump has flipped the Third Circuit Court of Appeals from a Democratic-nominated majority to a Republican-nominated one, and other nominees have strengthened Republican-nominated majorities in the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Courts of Appeal.   The Ninth Circuit, with Bress' nomination, has narrowed its Democratic-nominated majority to 16 compared to 12 Republican-nominated ones.   Democrats want judicial nominees who will "be second guessing everything our elected representatives do in pushing the nation as far to the extreme left as they can. I don't think that's what the average American wants.   We want judges who are going to be faithful to the law first, to the Constitution and what it actually says."

GOP leaders dismiss Dem outcry over Trump tweets as 'all about politics,' impeachment

15 July 2019

Today is Made in America Day, and the 14th through the 20th is Made in America Week.

China's economy growth cools further amid US tariff war
        China's economic growth sank to lowest level in at least 26 years in the past quarter

Pelosi's isolation gambit leaves four liberals struggling

EU's GPS satellites have been down for four days in mysterious outage
The Galileo satellite system was launched by the EU as an alternative to the US Air Force's Global Position System (GPS) and the Russian government's GLONASS.

Trump Says Ilhan Omar Should Go Back to Africa: 'You Can’t Leave Fast Enough'
"So interesting to see 'Progressive' Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run."

Democrats and Republicans agree — Donald Trump will be re-elected

"I Went to a Socialist Conference.   Here Are My 6 Observations."

Thoughts for the Day

12 July 2019

Dems lose patience with 'complete fraud' AOC, rally to Pelosi’s side
*   "She is a nobody.   She is a freshman member of Congress with no power.   [She is] skipping meetings and conference calls in favor of media interviews, tweets and glamour.   In this building, it is about how many others you can bring along to your side.   She maybe has two members — sometimes four."
*   "Even President Trump, who has clashed with Pelosi repeatedly since taking office, sided with her on Friday — calling Ocasio-Cortez disrespectful, and maintaining that the speaker is not a racist."
*   "Justice Democrats don't have the ability to primary anyone.   No one is afraid of those nerds."
*   House Dem blasts 'juvenile' Ocasio-Cortez, chief of staff: 'Ignorance is beyond belief'

9 July 2019

Trump says Green New Deal would 'crush' poor Americans, touts environmental record
"It'll kill millions of jobs, it'll crush the dreams of the poorest Americans, and disproportionately harm minority communities."

Florida fisherman says Trump's environmental moves helped turn his business around

8 July 2019

Democrats confront the unthinkable — Trump's reelection
*   "The party has moved left, and further left still, leaving the majority of Americans behind as they try to placate Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and other noisy progressives."
*   Well, the Dems are hearing what they have always wanted to do, in unequivocal terms — and now they must face the the implications and consequences of their political beliefs.
*   "The better-than-expected June jobs report confirms the economy remains strong, dampening ceaseless speculation (and left-wing hope) about a pending recession."
*   Because unlike the ambiguous, conflicting actions of past GOP Presidents, Trump is pro-freedom and pro-economic freedom — and has laid bare the truth that both are one and the same thing.   In so doing, he continues to increase freedom in America.   Economic growth is the consequence.
*   "Here's the bitter truth for Democrats: the unending slamming of the President is not working."

Comey basically 'went through red stoplights' trying to 'get' Trump

6 July 2019

Strong job growth is back: Payrolls jump in June well above expectations
        payrolls rose 224,000 in June, well above market expectations of 165,000

5 July 2019

President Trump July 4th speech is a salute to the American spirit

4 July 2019

Left 'scared out of their wits' about Trump's July 4 parade
"The flag makes people tend to think more like a Republican.   It tends to make people support Republicans.   It tends to inspire patriotic thoughts," said Limbaugh, citing a Harvard study.   "What will be on display at Trump’s joyous Independence Day bash ... will be a celebration of freedom, which is the real threat they face," Limbaugh said.

Violent clashes in Portland, Oregon, prompt call for anti-mask laws
"We cannot allow people to continue to use the guise of free speech to commit a crime,."
— Portland Oregon Police Chief Danielle Outlaw

Thought for the Day -

3 July 2019

Dem. House Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida deserves to be ridiculed, mocked, and kicked out of Congress for her attack on America's freedoms.   What a disgusting FOOL!

Thought for the Day -
Marxist economics have been blasted, refuted, and discredited quite thoroughly.
Capitalist economics have never been refuted.

— Ayn Rand

How-to Explanation -

This is the Democratic Party -

On the lighter side ...

1 July 2019

Portland Mayor turns his city over to ANTIFA thugs
        Crisis in Portland compared to the Ku Klux Klan
        "This was a pre-meditated attack on someone" by "intolerant radicals"
The law-abiding "should be warned that there is anarchy in the streets of Portland.
It is not safe for you or your families to visit that city or do business in that city."

Not a good time for Jews in Britain — and elsewhere

AOC gets mocked for criticizing Ivanka Trump's Diplomatic job
        Well, AOC provides so much opportunity

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