Socialism is Dictatorship
Humanity's most destructive scourge of all time.

Socialism - Explicitly anti-Rights, anti-Freedom, and Explicitly Violent

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When you say "Socialism", think Socialist Dictatorship

Socialism is about control.   Socialism is about an authoritarian autocracy telling you, your friends, and everyone else what to do.   Socialism is just another word for dictatorship.
No matter how it starts out, "for your own good" inevitably spirals down into ever-greater oppression.

Socialism is about turning over your freedom to the government

9 September 2019

15 July 2019

"I Went to a Socialist Conference.   Here Are My 6 Observations."

28 May 2019

Shortages plague Socialist Cuba

Inside the slums in Venezuela's Socialist paradise

13 May 2019

Another general calls for the military to rise up against Maduro, to end Socialism in Venezuela

8 May 2019


30 April 2019

Socialist decline continues - Venezuela military attacks own citizens

7 April 2019

Socialist decline continues - Venezuelans rally to demand power, water, and end to Maduro
        "We’ve come to demand freedom and democracy"

3 April 2019

Talk of socialism 'offends me,' says House Democrat who calls herself a 'proud capitalist'
"The idea that in the greatest democracy, the greatest capitalist system in the world, we’re having casual conversation about socialism, offends me." - U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Florida.   Her opposition to socialism is rooted in her youth while growing up in Vietnam, which is run by a socialist government.

23 March 2019

How much clearer can we make it?

23 March 2019

"Socialism means turning over your freedom to your government"


19 March 2019


10 March 2019

Venezuela's Socialism shuts down electric power; little food available spoils


23 February 2019


22 February 2019

Bernie Sanders' bizarre statements extolling Communist Soviet Russia, Nicaraugua, Cuba
        So what's keeping him here?   Why doesn't he go there to live?

20 February 2019

    Socialism takes, Capitalism creates!       -   Thanks for nothing, AOC!

11 February 2019

Antifa activist facing assault charges tied to Democrat policy-makers

9 February 2019

Hey Democrats - I've lived in a Socialist country with income equality, and it was miserable
"When the state runs the economy and its citizens' lives, there will be plenty of equality in scarcity, poverty, and hopelessness."

3 February 2019

Socialism worked in Venezuela to destroy liberty and prosperity
        "Even socialist despots now concur with conservatives that socialism doesn’t work."
Venezuela's Maduro admits Socialist economy has failed

28 January 2019

As Venezuela's two presidents face off, children scavenge for food and soldiers run out of patience

Venezuela opposition fights to win military

25 January 2019

Hundreds of thousands protest against the Socialism of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in Venezuela

Jews in Venezuela and the divisive, anti-Semitic tactics of a dictator
"It is in the government's interest to instigate chaos, impunity, and disrder."
- the classic tactics of Socialists everywhere.

Socialism always needs a scapegoat - someone to blame for its lack of success.   The failure of Socialism is inevitable, and Socialist rulers need to deflect the blame from thsmselves and their failed policies.

24 January 2019

Ousting Maduro - Venezuela has two presidents

18 January 2019

In Venezuela, gun-control was a "declaration of war against an unarmed population"

How gun-ontrol became an instrument of tyranny in Venezuela

12 January 2019

Legislature, outside world call for Maduro's ouster

3 January 2019

Venezuela's economic collapse has lessons for America's Socialists

31 December 2018

Venezuela continues its Socialist decline
Socialism has Venezuelans eating garbage to survive Venezuela was at one time one of the world's richest countries - close to being a first-world nation.
Google "food lines in venezuela" to see numerous pictures of people standing in endless food-rationing lines

22 November 2018

                The is no right way.

Socialism is not about peace and love and sharing.   It's about using force to make people do what you want.   That's oppresion.

You can't have Socialism without tyranny.

Socialism is the biggest plague ever visited upon humanity.   To date it has killed 120-150 million people, and still today enslaves billions more, in China, India, and elsewhere.   Imagine if Mahatma Gandhi and Mao Tse Tung had been educated about freedom and rights, in the U.S., instead of being taught by advocates of socialism in Britain and Soviet Russia.   How different those countries and the whole world would be now.

3 November 2018

So you think you want socialized medicine?   See it in action in Great Britain

28 October 2018

20 October 2018

China's Great Leap Backward - or view the PDF version
        Socialist dictatorship is, in the end, just dictatorship, no matter how "enlightened".

16 Octber 2018

Half of Venezuela without electricity

16 September 2018

Chinese fear competition from other ideas - shutting down churches
        No Freedom in China - Socialism cannot tolerate it

14 September 2018

Venezuela set minimum-wage - Layoffs follow - one more failed Socialist policy

9 September 2018

18 August 2018

China population in internment camps grows to one million people
        Forced into classes to shout, "The Communist Party is good!"
        "Sense the Party's thought, obey the Party's words, follow the Party's lead."
        Still the same old Socialist story of abuse and killing

4 August 2018

A detailed history of Socialist Venezuela's decline
Lays bare why government control inevitably never works
Meanwhile, increasing freedom in the U.S. results in a booming economy

19 July 2018

Socialist Venezuela continues decline - general health and safety affected

Even Dems admit Socialist vision would bankrupt the U.S.

25 June 2018

Military running more and more as Venezuela dies
        Residents paying for water - Military commandeering private water trucks

See the lead-up stories, below.

First, a socialist government orders its military to act against its own people.
Then, as the socialists' coffers are emptied, the military takes over.
Total tyranny is the natural, inevitable end-product of socialism.
Socialists authorize force; there is only one consequence:
        ever-increasing force, due to ever-increasing opposition, resistance, and rebellion.

19 January 2018

Wealthy exodus from California to escape taxes worries Democrats
        Socialism cannot work without someone to pay for it.

24 December 2017

No Christmas lights in Venezuela - Socialism is a real Grinch

15 November 2017

Venezuela goes bust
    With no more victims to rob, Socialism's downward spiral continues

22 October 2017

Socialist Iowa State University students call for killing President Trump and all Capitalists
Once again, Socialists explicitly advocate violence against Freedom and Rights
Violence is implicit in Socialist ideology, and when Socialist principles are translated into action, violence quickly becomes explicit.

Democrat Party Chair: Trump worst President ever
Well, of course he is, to Democrats, with their Socialist, anti-Freedom agenda.
Which means Trump is a great President!

20 September 2017

Trump -
"The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that it has been faithfully implemented."

"All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests and their well-being, including their prosperity"
"Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems. America stands with every person living under a brutal regime. Our respect for sovereignty is also a call for action. All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests and their well-being, including their prosperity."

7 September 2017

Sickness and Shortages as Venezuela crumbles
The inevitable, textbook decline of Socialism continues in Venezuela;
if you vote for Socialism, this is what you are asking for.

4 August 2017

Socialist currency crumbles - rampant inflation in Venezuela makes money worthless

30 July 2017

The end of socialist "democracy" in Venezuela.
"One by one, the markers of Venezuela's democracy have been pushed aside."
- the ultimate phase of an inevitable socialist collapse

23 June 2017

The Battle for Venezuela - An uprising is brewing in Venezuela.

6 June 2017

Venezuela's road to disaster littered with Chinese cash

6 May 2017

Endgame in Venzuela - Elite Fracture, Military, Patronage, Corruption, Defection, and a Shrunking Pie
- the many intertwining paths to end the old and bring in the new

5 May 2017

The vicious destructiveness and violence underlying and pervading socialists' thinking and attitudes is evident even in Dartmouth - as is the sharply contrasting faith in human nature of the students there who believe in freedom; in individual rights

Venezuela's socialist nightmare continues - killing protesters

Venezuela - people starve, wealth is destroyed - in the name of Socialism (additional link) - leaving no possible road to recovery for the people living in Venezuela
Socialism is a lie

29 April 2017

The descent continues: support from the poor evaporates

17 April 2017

Venezuela's socialist death spiral accelerates - the army vs. the people

11 April 2017

Venezuela's socialist death-spiral continues predictably - protests, riots, killing of civilians
- what socialism looks like when it runs out of victims from whom to confiscate wealth
- Socialism is inherently unproductive, and finally destructive.

13 February 2017

True story: A socialist I know left one job yesterday for another with higher pay. I accused him of being a capitalist. His response was to lament that it would mean he would have to pay higher taxes.

Excuse me? Lament? Which part of socialism does he not understand???

Socialism is about paying more taxes; about the belief that the government knows what to do with your money - and your life - better than you do. Socialism is about a government out of your control, spending the money it takes from you in taxes on things you may not agree your money should be spent on.

Freedom is about you being in control of your life and your money.

Socialism is about the government's control of you. Who cares if you like that or not?? In socialism, what you like or do not like is irrelevant. In socialism, you have no rights.

To all you socialists:
Do you really think you'll have a say in who makes the rules?
Freedom it's not.

12 February 2017

Socialism kills - "Three meals a day is a luxury." - government running out of victims; a populace under Socialism now killing flamingos, armadillos, lizards to eat.

21 September 2016

See the ultimate end of a socialist government which has exhausted the riches of productive people to victimize, and is in its death-throes, in this article about Venezuela. If you were too young to witness the collapse of the Soviet Union, you can learn about the same inherent flaws of socialism - in real, live action - by watching and studying the collapse of Venezuela - a classic, textbook example.

Socialism only survives as long as it can steal existing wealth. It can create none of its own. Socialism is not productive. When it uses up its last victims, it is finished.

This is the inevitable end of socialism, any time, any place.

20 September 2016

Socialism equals Dictatorship

Socialism is the government telling you what to do. "Democratic Socialism" is only a ploy to make you feel like you have some little bit of participation in what they tell you to do - and to spread the blame for who is responsible for the conditions you are forced to endure.

Why do so many Europeans wear that so typically familiar resigned, cynical, cowed expreesion? Why is their habitual, perennial, underlying attitude so different from that of Americans? Ask them sometime how the "democratic" part of their socialism is working out for them. Ask them about freedom. Where is it? Think about why so many still escape to the U.S. to live.

The EU is a case in point, as the recent news article linked here shows - what is happening there is not an isolated occurence, but an inherent, inevitable demonstration of what happens under socialism. What has occurred so far is only the beginning.

"Democratic" - i.e., the supposed participation of the population, is used to explain and justify the miniscule "some little bit" of ever-growing restrictions. But oppression is progressive, never-ending. The only way it can end is in bloodshed and rebellion.

Either format of socialism is founded on the destruction of freedom; the destruction of individula rights, and the destruction of your right to "ordain and establish" a true constitution, which is above the government and beyond its ability to alter. These are the things Socialist dictators - up to and including the EU Commission autocrats - fear the most.

When someone says the U.S. Constitution "is old, out-of-date, and makes it hard to govern", those limitations on government are what they mean. Those limitations were put there by deliberate intent when the Constitution was written, in full awareness that would-be dictators would be hobbled. The nature of tyranny was present and recognized then, just as it is now; it does not change. The rule of law - with nobody above the law - stops autocrats in their tracks. The EU and its autocratic Commission have a lot to learn about building good government.

The freedom of the United States, with its greatest achievement, its Constitution protecting that freedom, with its free citizens, who believe in that freedom, revel in it, stand proud and tall in it, refusing to bow to anyone, who are willing to defend it - that freedom, country, and Constitution all remain an ever-present, unapologetic, slap-in-the-face affront and threat to all dictators everywhere, from the EU on down, with the simple fact of its existence providing a lighthouse and a reminder to their victims that a better way of life exists beyond their country's borders - one which they never stop dreaming of reaching, or emulating, if they could.

No wonder socialists work so hard to undermine America, corrupt the education of its younger generations, spend fortunes trying to influence its worst elements, shake its core, subvert and erode its structure.

There is always some "higher order", or "greater good" (but for who?), touted as a justification for socialism, as an attempt to convince the unwary and unknowing voters that their oppression is justified and somehow worth it. Democratic socialism is a dictatorship by thugs, hidden behind a facade (the votes of the majority) to which the dictator can point to as his justification - someone else on whom he can lay the blame.

Socialism and democratic socialism are both statements that you are not fit to self-govern, and that someone else is, and needs to do it for you. The ages of Kings and Commissars are not gone, but just wearing new, more fashionable clothes. The socialism that ignited Europe's horrendous battles of World War II is not gone. It still dominates European politics and life. It is less violent, but still oppressive, still in control, still destructive, still there. The con remains the same.

Socialism always and inevitably grows progressively more oppressive over time. There is no justification for it to be otherwise.

Socialism does have one distinction: in the 20th century, more than 120 million people were murdered in the name of socialism. No other scourge that has touched humanity comes close to that level of destruction. That's an all-time, very poignant, and indicative record.

Socialists can be grouped as being in one of three distinct categories: the killers and dictators, their willing gang of enforcers and thugs, and their unwitting idealistic-fantasy dupes. Everyone else is a victim - and a subject, living without freedom.

For everybody, socialism is the opposite of freedom.

-- Scott

Name one place Socialism has ever worked? Just one.

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